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The Ableton Live 11 Music Production Station, the output is put through a Tube Pre-Amp and fed into the digital Traktor DJ Mixer (see below)

The Akai APC MkII Ableton Live Controller and M-Audio CTRL49 VIP Software MIDI Controller that is capable of importing all the Patches from your VST Instruments and use them like an expensive Synth using very useful VIP Software

Ableton Live 11 runs on an Alienware 15r2 Laptop, which is a powerful gaming laptop and it performs *real well* as a Music Studio Machine

My 4 Channel 24bit 96kHz Digital DJ Mixer Traktor Kontrol S4MK3 Modded with such Features as Live Wave Display on Screens. Left Channel can be Input from Ableton Live 11 that is put through a Tube Pre-Amp for Quality Sound. Right Channel can be the Technics 1200MK2 for Vinyl Playback or Traktor Vinyl Control that also goes through a Tube Vinyl Pre-Amp. Or I can use Traktor's 4 Channels to play 4 Tracks.'

e-lemental.Music · LEM Sessions 47 - Into The Unknown

LEM Sessions 47 - Into The Unknown -- BPM: 126 -- Length: 165min The latest entry in my numbered series is a Mix years in the making focused strictly on Music Labels. The tracks contained within do not have a given Artist, or even a Track Name but they all share the same fact - the Vinyl Label they are on is the forefront of the Release or in other words - the Music is the Focal Point without any pre-judgements that come with an Artist and Track Name. I hope I gave these releases the Respect they deserve and I hope that people who never touch Vinyl will appreciate this Mix as much as DJs who will dig this list of Labels and their Amazing Output. Beginning with my own Intro and Voice Sample we slowly descent into True Underground Music. nJoy the Journey and check out the website for larger version of Cover.

Back of the e-lemental Studio -- Lucky to have these two by my Friend Raymond Chow... These are removed for VJing Projector Space behind the DJ.

Upgraded the e-lemental Studio with the Professional-level Canon 90D @ 32MP 4K30p 1080p120p!

e-lemental.Music · Lem Sessions 2023-06-18 -- Infinite Possiblities

With a focus on melodies, Infinite Possibilities is mostly a Deep House mix trying to explore different Artists' perception of what that is to them. Pampa Records opens the Mix directly trying to challenge the boundary of what Deep House indeed is, and where it can take us beyond its normal parameters. Lots of extremely talented Artists such as Kassem Mosse, Kevin Yost, Terrence Parker, Johnny Fiasco and The Orb on this Mix take us on our Best Adventure yet. There is a lot of Vinyl Content on here and while the last two mixes explored the dancefloor, this mix is for the headphones and/or intimate listening. Hope You enjoy It, it was a lesson in patience and melodic mixing for me!

e-lemental.Music Studio on 2023-JUN-09

Studio Setup 2022 -- Most Art is by Raymond Chow, a Dear Friend of Mine based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Welcome to e-lemental.Music, the realm of DJ Lem and Relena Peace.

The VJing Projector has arrived to be used with Samson Conspiracy Controller (see below) in Resolume VJ Software 6. This means all Sessions will be recorded on video. The VJ Software runs on a Microsoft Surface 6 Tablet, and it's been performing very well thus far and same with the Projector. The third photo is without the projection screen directly on the wall - we'll see what looks better on Video.'

e-lemental.Music · Lem Sessions 2023-03-18 - FORCES

e-lemental.Music (DJ Lem) · LEM Sessions #46 - Re-Connect
LEM Sessions 46 has been released. Art by Raymond Chow, Photo by DJ Lem

e-lemental.Music (DJ Lem) · LEM Sessions 19 - Twisted Faerytales (Mixed in 2004)(2022 Version)
Posted a quality-improved version of the first Twisted Faerytales mix - looks like it aged well.

The new Ableton Live 11 Station now running on Dell Alienware 17r2, much faster than Surface 6, which now will be used for VJing on Resolume 6

e-lemental.Music · Lem Sessions 2022-08-28 * INNER SANCTUM
e-lemental.Music · Lem Sessions 2022-05-22
Take a trip to the e-lemental.Music INNER SANCTUM with a Journey that draws you in with its hypnotic minimalism, thorough the carefully selected deep house and all the way until the beautiful end. Dated mixes always include a good amount of new releases, and this is no exception. The mix opens with Drain Pipe's untitled track from 1998 on Tonika Recordings, a record I used to have and was able to find a 2021 release of the digitized vinyl. Still sounds as good as in the 90s, if not better and offers a perfect start to the Journey to the Inner Sanctum. So take a trip, and let me know what you think!

The Conspiracy MIDI Controller is being setup to use with Resolume 6 VJing software.

Got the Wolfgang Voigt Studio 1 Vinyls (digital) at the Kompakt Store. These are classic minimalism tracks from around 1996, same year Ritchie Hawtin was releasing his Concept 1:96 series along the same lines and quality. These make surprisingly good 3rd tracks in a 3 deck mixing setup.

Finally got a 4 channel, 16 step sequencer in what used to be my loop player the Traktor Kontrol F1 Remix Deck. I can play loops on the APC40MK2 now in Ableton Live while performing live patterns on the F1 and mixing/djing everything on the S4MK3, which can also be used to program live patterns into the F1. Just two more ways I'll be blurring the line between DJing and Live Performance.

This new Phono Preamp does not only give me more Volume from my Technics 1200mk2, but improves Sound Quality with TUBES. Beautiful!
Already use a different Tube Preamp to amplify anything that comes out of Ableton Live and the Microphone

Got my FLUANCE 760g Record Weight Stabilizer! It is as good, or better than I hoped - Highly Recommended!

Here are some older Sessions available on MixCloud: